Menu Suggestions
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what do we feed our cats.  This comes from both new
Norwegian Forest Cat owners and cat lovers in general.  The following is the current menu selection offered in our
household. Each item is included for its contribution to the overall health of the cat.  Please feel free to contact us at any
time with your questions.Â
Please note that the following is only offered as suggestions and is not held out as being certified by a veterinary or other
feline nutritional expert.Â
Dry Food
The main dry food is Royal Canin Urinary S/O from our vet.  This food is excellent in maintaining a neutral ph level in the
urine and thereby avoiding the formation of calcium oxalate and struvite crystals.Â
We also feed to some of the females and younger cats Royal Canin Sensitive Stomach hard food.  This food is lower in
carbohydrates than the Royal Canin Maine Coon food (which is good to prevent the above mentioned stones).Â
I will mix in some small amounts of other food such as IAMS, but only for the females and some of the younger cats.  It is
found most of them prefer the Urinary dry food anyway.Â
Most importantly is I add in some greens (powder) from the health food store.  I ensure that it is a wide base of greens to
assist the cats in detoxing properly.Â
We use distilled water, not tap water, for our cats. They really like the drinkwell water fountains and the cat-it water
fountain.  They are only somewhat fond of the petmate version.
We add to one gallon of water the following:
2 capsules of Ag-immune by Bodywise
Up to 6 drops of crab apple flower essence
A sprinkle of Celtic sea salts
4 capfuls of Oxyfresh oral rinse by Oxyfresh.
The ag-immune supports the immune system.  You can get more information/order the product at or
by contacting us.Â
You can obtain the flower essence or Celtic sea salts at a health food store or through us.Â
Oxyfresh is a wonderful product for maintaining the health of their teeth.  We have been using the product for 10 years.  
Although it does not eliminate dental issues it has made a significant impact in improving the dental health of our cats and
dog.  You can get more information at or by contacting us.
Wet Food
Access to wet food on a daily basis (preferably twice a day) is essential to there well being and prevention of stones.  We
offer fancy feast (they love the gravy ones) as well as some Friskies and urinary S/O soft.  S/O soft is adored by many of
the cats.  Some love it if we add water to the soft.  We don't use beef (they don't seem to like it) as well as fish is only
used as a treat.  Often they will only lick up all the water (we refer to it as soup) and leave some of the food behind.  We
are not concerned about this as an extra 50 cents a day is a lot cheaper than a $2000 surgery!!
Raw Meat
Some of our cats love organic cat food that is made by others for us that is raw meat.  This is served as a treat to those
that enjoy it.  One must be careful of the source.  If you are going to use this as 100% of their diet you must be careful that
they are receiving all the nutrients they require.  There are websites – feel free to contact me for more information.
Milk - Glop
Cats cannot tolerate human milk.  However, some of them love the milk or glop I make for kittens.  I will use it as a treat
or for supplementing a cat or kitten that requires additional calories.  You can also give Ultramilk if they like it.
I use 1 can of Evaporated milk (large can) and one package of gelatin.
First, boil water and pour the same amount of water as in the can into a bowl.  Dissolve the gelatin.  Add the milk.
You can add yogurt and real mayo (1 Tablespoon) if you want.
The extra can be stored in the fridge and warmed up on the stove when you go to serve the next dish.  We do not use the