Saskkats registered in CFA, TICA and CCA and it all started in 1989 with the
purchase of a straight eared Scottish Fold.  We did not know what this small
black bundle of fur was about to lead to!  We just wanted to get him a buddy.  
Don read at the Vet's office that Wegies had a weather resistant coat and he just
had to have one.
We searched in vain and went to our first cat show as a spectator in April 1991
and saw Purdita.  A six month old brown tabby female Wegie that was about to
change our lives.
We bought her, became good friends with her breeder, Karen Matz, and the next
thing you know we are part of the cat fancy.  We showed Pur-n-luv Purdita and
were proud when she became 2nd best alter in her TICA region. We were even  
prouder  when she consistently took 2nd place in finals in CFA at the age of 6.  
We still love to show her.  She may not win but she puts on quite a show for the
audience - a real joy!
We imported 3 cats (white male, brown tabby male, and a tortie) from Norway in
1995 (Moltemyr) and 2 (tortie and a silver tabby female)from Sweden in 1996  (S*
Tjuvhalans and S*Royal Imp's)and we are looking forward to our new import in
2002  from Morilds in Norway. We imported a brown tabby male, a white male
and two torties.  We lost our beloved Meja, a silver tabby, in January 1998.    
The real  surprise for us was that many of our imports were carrying the dilute
blue and cream genes.